Each SEO package below is individually powerful and precisely engineered for slightly different business models and levels of performance. It is important to choose an SEO service option that is right for your business. If you have any questions about any of the packages, or need more information about the different components, please take a minute to speak with one of our technicians. We are here to answer your questions and assist you in making the right decision to position yourself for success.

Every option includes all the necessary elements of a successful SEO campaign, including keyword research, on-page optimization, local SEO & Google places, social media promotion, specialized link building, press releases, reputation management, and comprehensive reporting with ranking analysis.

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Basic SEO Package – $650/month

Our beginner package, great for micro-websites and smaller businesses that want to start marketing online but are limited by a lower budget. This package includes everything a new website needs to become search engine friendly and achieve initial ranking positions for up to 6 keywords. The Basic option includes all the basic elements of an SEO strategy such as website optimization, some link building, and local SEO, which allows you to claim local listings in important directories like Google Places and Yelp. It also includes introductory level social media promotion and link building.

Silver SEO Package – $800/month

A slightly more engaged program, ideal for capturing more keyword positions in still lower competition niche markets. Great for businesses on a budget that need an effective search engine optimization program they can rely on to achieve real results over time. This is a full-service SEO solution that guarantees increased rankings by including more keywords (up to 12) and is engineered with a moderately aggressive ranking strategy. Increased social media promotion, local listing optimization, aggressive link building, and competitor analysis with comprehensive reporting are some of the things that make this campaign a good choice for maintenance SEO (to maintain rankings) or young businesses that need some momentum in their online marketing.

Gold SEO Package – $1,150/month

We encourage this option for website owners that require results on a faster schedule. This package is engineered to achieve top rankings and increased website traffic very quickly, and helps solve the problem of needing leads and sales to maintain or grow a business. Designed for sustained results in more competitive niche markets, it includes a no-nonsense campaign for up to 25 keyword phrases, and comes equipped with advanced SEO linking strategies to dominate your niche market. Powered by press release distribution, strong social media promotion, and high value link citations from trusted sites like NASA, CNN and Stanford University, this affordable SEO package is a perfect solution for serious businesses that need to dominate the search engine results pages. By including many of our viral media strategies, this program ensures that your website content gets liked, tweeted, voted, shared, pinned, and followed via your most important Fanpage or social profile.

Platinum SEO Package – $1,600/month

Bring out the big guns and blast to the top of Google with our Platinum SEO program. This is for serious website owners that make smart decisions about business growth opportunities and refuse to waste time to see results. Unleash this powerful, premium option with an all-out attack on your competition, allowing you to quickly overtake your toughest competitor in the most difficult to rank spaces. Here we include a specialized campaign for over 50 competitive keyword phrases, an SEO link building campaign of over 1,000 high quality links to you site per month, a fully optimized website positioned for autopilot growth and expansion, and non-stop SEO content marketing, social media marketing and reputation management. Equipped with our most advanced link building strategies, and several of our proprietary online promotional programs, the Platinum SEO package is perfect for hyper competitive industries like ecommerce, enterprise level websites, real estate, legal industries and lawyers, automotive, health and wellness, and finance. We will be constantly analyzing, improving, and expanding your SEO results every month, and will be available to you anytime via email and phone.